A Brief Reply to Tuggy’s Clarifications

In response to one of my recent posts, Dr. Tuggy wrote three posts that clarify some issues that I raised. Here are some things that I found puzzling about those posts. 1. Incomparable herds? We aren't given any reason why the point I've made about the "herd of jostling, competing theories" for the Trinity and… Continue reading A Brief Reply to Tuggy’s Clarifications

Scoffer or Scholar? A Response to Dale Tuggy

I have already received something of a lampooning from the Unitarian Christian Alliance's (hereafter, UCA) chair and vice chair due to a post on the organization's "affirmation."The strong reaction that I received is clearly because of the rhetorical flourish at the end of that post: "Unitarian Confusion Alliance." I viewed this as a parody, not… Continue reading Scoffer or Scholar? A Response to Dale Tuggy

The Unitarian Christian Alliance: Who’s In or Out?

Recently a band of scholars and pastors came together to form what is called "The Unitarian Christian Alliance" (hereafter, UCA). As best as I can tell, the board consists of mostly biblical unitarians, or (though less accurate in some respects) Socinians. These board members believe that the Father of Jesus Christ is the only truly… Continue reading The Unitarian Christian Alliance: Who’s In or Out?

Tuggy’s Demon-Puppet Thought Experiment: My Thoughts and His Reply

Following Dr. Dale Tuggy's debate with Mr. Chris Date on "Jesus is human and not divine," I joined the Trinities Podcast Facebook group and asked for clarification on one of his thought experiments. I recall that he used a similar line of reasoning in his "Case Against Preexistence" episode on the podcast, and the fact… Continue reading Tuggy’s Demon-Puppet Thought Experiment: My Thoughts and His Reply

Clarifying Tuggy’s Pneumatology

I admit that I'm a real fan of Dr. Dale Tuggy's work and podcast, and his argument against modalism about the Son had some impact on me some time ago. In the spirit of discussion and respect, I'd like to ask Dr. Tuggy to clarify his pneumatology (or view on the Holy Spirit). What has… Continue reading Clarifying Tuggy’s Pneumatology

Energy Link

Announcements Philosophia Christi, the journal for the Evangelical Philosophy Society, is now available at the Philosophy Document Center. Subscription required! Zondervan Academic has released the MasterLectures. Think: The Christian version of The Great Courses. Daniel Howard-Snyder's memorial presentation on William Alston is available online. Dale Tuggy has a new debate scheduled with Chris Date (of… Continue reading Energy Link

A Solution to Dale Tuggy’s Argument against Oneness Pentecostal Christology

Dr. Tuggy has provided a charitable response to this post on one of his podcast episodes. My thanks to him for taking the time to do this.   A number of years ago I discovered Dr. Dale Tuggy's website, and I ran into an argument that turned me agnostic about my views about God and Jesus.… Continue reading A Solution to Dale Tuggy’s Argument against Oneness Pentecostal Christology