Last Updated: October 11, 2018

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Blogs · Go to Top

Alexander Pruss’s Blog
Analogical Thoughts — James N. Anderson
Biblical Reasoning
Blogos — The Logos Institute
Canon Fodder — Michael J. Kruger
Daniel B. Wallace’s Blog
Disputed Questions
Edward Feser’s Blog
EPS Blog
Evangelical Textual Criticism
fides quaerens intellectum — Steven Nemes
Larry Hurtado’s Blog
Maverick Philosopher — William Valicella
Theological German Blog
Thomas V. Morris’s Blog
Thinking Out Loud — Chris Woznicki
Trinities — Dale Tuggy
Tyndale Philosophy Blog

Institutions & Journals · Go to Top

Aquinas Institute
Center for Philosophy of Religion — University of Notre Dame
De Gruyter Open Theology Journal
∴ Analytic Theology as Systematic Theology — Oliver D. Crisp
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Logos Institute 
Journal of Analytic Theology
Thomistic Institute

Ministries · Go to Top

Alpha and Omega Ministries — James R. White

New Testament Introduction and Outlines — Daniel B. Wallace
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)
Daily Dose of Greek
Reasonable Faith 
Veritas Forum 

People · Go to Top

Dallas Willard
Edward Feser
James L. Rubart
J. P. Moreland
Timothy Pawl

Podcasts & Programs · Go to Top

Closer to Truth
Defenders — William Lane Craig
History of Philosophy without Any Gaps
In Our Time
The Dividing Line — James White
Pints With Aquinas 
Reasonable Faith — William Lane Craig
William Lane Craig Debate Feed

Resources · Go to Top — NA28, UBS5, BHS, LXX, Vulgate
An Outline of Natural Theology — Chad McIntosh
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM)
Codex Sinaiticus Online
LSJ Lexicon Online
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Divine Immutability
∴ Philosophy of Religion
Paul Vincent Spade’s Survey of Medieval Philosophy
A. T. Robertson’s “Word Pictures of the New Testament” Online
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy and Christian Theology
∴ Philosophy of Religion
My Jewish Learning — Contains great introductory articles on the Jewish faith.
PhilPapers — An excellent resource for exploring Jewish writings
Works of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Latin-English texts (Aquinas Institute)
Summa Theologiae
Summa Contra Gentiles 

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