Last Updated: February 2, 2020

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Alexander Pruss’s Blog
Analogical Thoughts — James N. Anderson
Biblical Reasoning
Blogos — The Logos Institute
Canon Fodder — Michael J. Kruger
Daniel B. Wallace’s Blog
Disputed Questions
Edward Feser’s Blog
EPS Blog
Evangelical Textual Criticism
fides quaerens intellectum — Steven Nemes
Larry Hurtado’s Blog
Maverick Philosopher — William Valicella
Theological German Blog
Thomas V. Morris’s Blog
Thinking Out Loud — Chris Woznicki
Trinities — Dale Tuggy
Tyndale Philosophy Blog

Institutions & Journals · Go to Top

Aquinas Institute
Center for Philosophy of Religion — University of Notre Dame
De Gruyter Open Theology Journal
∴ Analytic Theology as Systematic Theology — Oliver D. Crisp
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Faith and Philosophy (Now Open Access!)
Logos Institute
Journal of Analytic Theology
Thomistic Institute

Ministries · Go to Top

Alpha and Omega Ministries — James R. White
New Testament Introduction and Outlines — Daniel B. Wallace
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)
Daily Dose of Greek
Reasonable Faith
Veritas Forum

People · Go to Top

Beau Branson
Dallas Willard
Edward Feser
James L. Rubart
John Behr
J. P. Moreland
Timothy Pawl

Podcasts & Programs · Go to Top

Closer to Truth
Defenders — William Lane Craig
History of Philosophy without Any Gaps
In Our Time
The Dividing Line — James White
Pints With Aquinas
Reasonable Faith — William Lane Craig
William Lane Craig Debate Feed

Resources · Go to Top — NA28, UBS5, BHS, LXX, Vulgate
An Outline of Natural Theology — Chad McIntosh
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM)
Codex Sinaiticus Online
Debates on Oneness Pentecostal Theology
LSJ Lexicon Online
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Divine Immutability
Philosophy of Religion
Paul Vincent Spade’s Survey of Medieval Philosophy
A. T. Robertson’s “Word Pictures of the New Testament” Online
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy and Christian Theology
Philosophy of Religion
My Jewish Learning — Contains great introductory articles on the Jewish faith.
The Orthodox Faith — Thomas Hopko
PhilPapers — An excellent resource for exploring Jewish writings
Works of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Latin-English texts (Aquinas Institute)
Summa Theologiae
Summa Contra Gentiles

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