The Grammar and Syntax of John 1:1

The purpose of this post is to simply describe what its title proclaims: the grammar and syntax of John 1:1. The term "grammar" refers to how words relate to one another in a sentence, and "syntax" refers to how words are organized into sentences. Here’s how John 1:1 reads in English, along with the reading… Continue reading The Grammar and Syntax of John 1:1

Interpretive Options on the Holy Spirit

In an earlier post I offered an inconsistent tetrad (or set of four claims) about the Father and Jesus. Naturally, for any theology of the New Testament to be complete, we need to consider who (or what) the Holy Spirit is. When we combine our understanding of the Holy Spirit with our understanding of the… Continue reading Interpretive Options on the Holy Spirit

Clarifying Tuggy’s Pneumatology

I admit that I'm a real fan of Dr. Dale Tuggy's work and podcast, and his argument against modalism about the Son had some impact on me some time ago. In the spirit of discussion and respect, I'd like to ask Dr. Tuggy to clarify his pneumatology (or view on the Holy Spirit). What has… Continue reading Clarifying Tuggy’s Pneumatology

A Second Look at Jason Dulle’s Oneness Christology

In a prior post I attempted to describe Jason Dulle's Oneness Pentecostal Christology, and I then applied it to what Dulle says about Patripassianism (the view that "the Father suffered"). Thanks to his comments on those posts, I think I can give a more accurate statement of his view, or something similar to it. It… Continue reading A Second Look at Jason Dulle’s Oneness Christology

A Tale of Two Conferences

This past month I had my first foray into the conference-side of academic life. I presented two papers—or rather, two parts of the same paper—at two conferences. I'd like to share some of my experiences and reflections from these events. Washington, D.C. The first paper I presented was “Parsing Oneness Pentecostal Christology” at the Society… Continue reading A Tale of Two Conferences

A New Set of Inconsistent Claims about the Father and Jesus

In an earlier post I gave what I claimed was an inconsistent triad (or set of three claims) about the Father and Jesus. After a few months of thought, I would now like to amend that original triad. A New Inconsistent Tetrad The original triad of claims consisted in the following three claims: There is… Continue reading A New Set of Inconsistent Claims about the Father and Jesus

The Incarnation and James Cameron’s Avatar

Science fiction can be a great place to illustrate philosophical and, as it turns out, theological concepts. Really, it's one means that we can use to get our intuitions going about the plausibility, or even coherence, of ideas. Science fiction can be a great place to propose what philosopher's call "thought experiments." James Cameron's Avatar is one… Continue reading The Incarnation and James Cameron’s Avatar

Some Faith and Philosophy Papers by Topic

Now that Faith and Philosophy is open-access, I've collated some links to a number of papers on topics that interest me. I may add more topics over time. Hopefully somebody else will find this useful! There's no better place to start than Alvin Plantinga's "Advice to Christian Philosophers." Navigate to: Aquinas · Classical Theism · Incarnation · Trinity… Continue reading Some Faith and Philosophy Papers by Topic