“Standard” and “Modified” Oneness Christology

In my recent appearance on the London Lyceum podcast, I briefly explain the difference between a "standard" and "modified" Oneness Christology. I had to discuss this in order to make a point in the podcast, but my guess is that, for people unfamiliar with the analytic literature on the Trinity and Incarnation, what I was… Continue reading “Standard” and “Modified” Oneness Christology

Now Available: My Master’s Thesis

In the last several decades there have been few sustained works on Oneness Pentecostal Christology. I have added my voice to this small body of literature, and I am the only one I know of that has addressed Oneness Christology from the perspective of analytic theology. My focus is on a single verse and what… Continue reading Now Available: My Master’s Thesis

Tuggy’s Demon-Puppet Thought Experiment: My Thoughts and His Reply

Following Dr. Dale Tuggy's debate with Mr. Chris Date on "Jesus is human and not divine," I joined the Trinities Podcast Facebook group and asked for clarification on one of his thought experiments. I recall that he used a similar line of reasoning in his "Case Against Preexistence" episode on the podcast, and the fact… Continue reading Tuggy’s Demon-Puppet Thought Experiment: My Thoughts and His Reply

A Second Look at Jason Dulle’s Oneness Christology

In a prior post I attempted to describe Jason Dulle's Oneness Pentecostal Christology, and I then applied it to what Dulle says about Patripassianism (the view that "the Father suffered"). Thanks to his comments on those posts, I think I can give a more accurate statement of his view, or something similar to it. It… Continue reading A Second Look at Jason Dulle’s Oneness Christology

A Tale of Two Conferences

This past month I had my first foray into the conference-side of academic life. I presented two papers—or rather, two parts of the same paper—at two conferences. I'd like to share some of my experiences and reflections from these events. Washington, D.C. The first paper I presented was “Parsing Oneness Pentecostal Christology” at the Society… Continue reading A Tale of Two Conferences