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Last Updated: February 8, 2020

The following are a number of books that I find interesting, useful, or important. That means my goal isn’t to be exhaustive, but to provide resources with which I have had personal experience. Though I basically follow Chicago author-date style, I freely change the way I cite the sources to make them readable and easy to find if they are in a series (such as Lightfoot’s Apostolic Fathers).

Over time I will add more resources and categories. If you have any suggestions in these or related categories, feel free to contact me.

Public Domain books can be copied and distributed without copyright infringement. For more information see this Cornell University Library page.

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Ramsay, W. M. 1904. The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia and Their Place in the Plan of the Apocalypse.

Swete, Henry Barclay. 1911. The Apocalypse of St. John.

Church History

Dorner, Isaak August. 1882. History of the Development the Doctrine of the Person of Christ.

Schleiermacher, Friedrich. 1835. On the Discrepancy Between the Sabellian and Athanasian Method of Representing the Doctrine of the Trinity. (Posthumous translation.)

Greek · Go to Top

Blass, F., A. Debrunner, and Robert W. Funk. 1961. A Greek Grammar of The New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature.

Middleton, Thomas Fanshaw. 1833. The Doctrine of the Greek Article Applied to the Criticism and Illustration of the New Testament.

Sharp, Granville. 1803 (3rd British Edition). Remarks on the Uses of the Greek Definitive Article in the Greek Text of the New Testament.

Winstanley, Calvin. 1819. A Vindication of Certain Passages in the Common English Version of the New Testament, Addressed to Granvile Sharp, Esq.

Patristics · Go to Top

Augustine. Debate with Maximinus. (Note: Maximinus was an Arian.)

Lampe, G. W. H. 1961. A Patristic Greek Lexicon.

Lightfoot, J. B. 1890. S. Clement of Rome, Volume 1. The Apostolic Fathers, Part 1.
—. 1890. S. Clement of Rome, Volume 2. The Apostolic Fathers, Part 1.

Migne, J. P. 1857-1866. Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca

Scholasticism · Go to Top

(Note: I have shamelessly plundered some of these from Edward Feser’s “Scholastic Bookshelf.” These works encompass both scholastic philosophy and theology.)

Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald. 1949. God: His Existence and His Nature, volume 1.
—. 1949. God: His Existence and His Naturevolume 2.

Pohle, Joseph and Arthur Preuss. 1912. The Divine Trinity.
—. 1913. Christology.

Theology · Go to Top

Clarke, Samuel. 1705. A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God.
—. 1738. The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity.

Shedd, William G. T. 1889 (2nd Edition). Dogmatic Theology: Volume 1.
—. 1891 (3rd Edition). Dogmatic Theology: Volume 2.
—. 1894 (2nd Edition). Dogmatic Theology: Volume 3.

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