Some Personal Updates

The last several months have been quite busy for me, and there’s no signs of slowing down for a while! I haven’t been able to commit as much time to writing here as I would like, but that should hopefully change soon.

In May my family and I moved twice within three weeks. This all while I was in the middle of research and writing for my master’s thesis. I don’t wish to disclose the details of those moves publicly, but we are now in a condominium in a neighborhood that we love and hope to enjoy while we save for a home.

I submitted the final draft of my thesis to my advisor this week. It clocks in at about 23,000 words and over 200 footnotes! I’m celebrating this major milestone even though there are parts of the work for which I still have reservations. But hey, it’s one stepping stone in a series of many.

Even though I have finished the thesis, I have one semester left. But I purposefully structured my classes so that the first part of the semester would be somewhat laid back. I won’t say where, since it might blow my cover for peer-review purposes, but in the coming months I plan to submit three (!) articles for review. So I’ll be hard at work with those projects.

I am planning to take next year to do some preliminary research on a proposal I’d like to submit to a potential advisor at a European university. This will allow me to keep my job, and the home that I hope to get my family into in the next couple of years, while still allowing me to complete a doctoral thesis. I’m exploring other options for doctoral work, but unless those options end up looking really good for us, I’m not sure I want to relocate my family. But I remain open to the possibilities!

In the coming months you can expect some updates on my writing projects, more posts on Basil of Caesarea, posts that I have been drafting on logic, many links I have been gathering, and much more.

Until then, here is a benediction from 2 Clement 20.5:

To the only God, invisible, the Father of truth, who sent to us the Savior and Founder of immortality, through whom he also revealed to us the truth and the heavenly life, to him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. (trans. Michael W. Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers, 3rd ed.)


1 thought on “Some Personal Updates”

  1. Hey bro.

    I had wondered what happened to you. I bought Kreeft’s Socratic Logic based on your recommendation and I really like it. Thanks! Best wishes for you and your family. God bless.


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