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  • Philosophia Christi, the journal for the Evangelical Philosophy Society, is now available at the Philosophy Document Center. Subscription required!
  • Zondervan Academic has released the MasterLectures. Think: The Christian version of The Great Courses.
  • Daniel Howard-Snyder’s memorial presentation on William Alston is available online.
  • Dale Tuggy has a new debate scheduled with Chris Date (of the Theopologetics Podcast) on May 31.



  • R. T. Mullins is now “The Reluctant Theologian” on his new podcast. I’m looking forward to this one!
  • Timothy Pawl has appeared on several podcasts recently to discuss his new book In Defense of Extended Conciliar Christology.
  • Edward Feser has also appeared on the Classical Theism Podcast, and he discusses his new book Aristotle’s Revenge.
  • The Sacra Doctrina Project has also started their own podcast called “Sed Contra.”
  • The Eudo Podcast at the Two Tasks Institute has recently started “season two” of their episodes.
  • Michael Licona has also started “season two” of episodes on his Risen Jesus Podcast.
  • Michael Heiser was recently interviewed on the Tru-ID podcast. His comments on John 10:30 are interesting.
  • David K. Bernard, who is perhaps the foremost defender and expositor of Oneness Pentecostalism today, now has a YouTube channel. I have updated several of the Oneness debates on my own page to link to his official videos.


  • Here’s an interactive map of Paul’s missionary journeys.
  • I’m probably late to the party, but I found Shawn Wilhite’s list of resources for patristic and early Christian studies.
  • The Logos Institute is now putting out the Logos Questions booklets. These should be great!

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