Link Outside the Box

I promised bad puns. Here’s a few links that have caught my attention in the last few months:

  • There was a follow-up video about the UPCI dust-up on racism a few months back. Apparently this pastor and his wife were asked, by none other than the General Superintendent of the UPCI, to take the video down.
  • Two gentlemen who call themselves “The One Dollar Apologists” have hosted an interview with David K. Bernard (Part 1, Part 2). Judging by the fact that they refer to him as “a hero of the faith” and as “bishop,” I take it the hosts are themselves Oneness Pentecostals.
  • Ligonier’s “State of Theology” website posted some interesting results in October that seem to be troubling. Of particular interest is the question, “Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.”
    • A podcast episode by Brian Seagraves was occasioned by this survey and its results on this question.
  • An article in Christianity Today argues that theology is good and necessary for pastors. It isn’t just a hobby.
  • BYU Radio hosted a great interview with Oliver D. Crisp.
  • A professor at The King’s College discusses productivity. See if you find what she says helpful.
  • Some say that that students may have better reading comprehension from print textbooks, rather than electronic ones.
  • An interesting Twitter thread by Scott Swain on divine simplicity.
  • The Daily Dose of Greek had a guest video about the Middle Voice that I found instructive.
  • Steven J. Duby responds to Peter Leithart on the value of philosophy. (Side note: I met Dr. Duby in January, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him about divine timelessness.)
  • Christian philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff has penned a new memoir, and has answered some questions about it.
  • Timothy Pawl’s In Defense of Extended Conciliar Christology releases February 10th at Oxford University Press’s website. Hands down, the “prequel” to this book is one of the most important books I’ve read. (I discuss the book a little bit in a recent post.)
    • On the eve of the release of the “extended” defense, Fred Sanders provides a two-part discussion of Pawl’s prior volume (Part 1, Part 2).
  • The premier journal Faith and Philosophy is now open-access.
  • The Aquinas Institute is now accepting pre-orders for their two-volume Latin-English set of the Summa Contra Gentiles.
  • Dr. Dale Tuggy and Dr. Michael Brown held a debate on January 11 on the question, “Is the God of the Bible the Father alone?” Here are a few follow-ups to the debate as well:

I have also updated my links page.

If you have suggested links that follow the themes above, feel free to share them below.

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