Entering the Fray: My First Academic Publication

I’m pleased to announce that my article called “Oneness Pentecostalism, the Two-Minds View, and the Problem of Jesus’s Prayers” has been published by TheoLogica. This is my first peer-reviewed publication, and I’m looking forward to future feedback on it. Here’s the abstract:

Even thirty years after Thomas Morris wrote The Logic of God Incarnate, there are some claims that Morris makes that require examination in analytic Christology. One of those claims is a concession that Morris gives to modalists near the end of the book, where he says that the two-minds view he has defended can be used to provide a consistent modalistic understanding of Jesus’s prayer life. This view, he says, blocks the inference from the fact that Jesus prays to the Father to the additional claim that Jesus and the Father are numerically distinct. I argue that Oneness Pentecostals can appropriate central concepts from The Logic of God Incarnate as Morris suggests, and further that this means Oneness Pentecostals should abandon the claim that Jesus believes he just is the Father. Once Oneness Pentecostals abandon this claim, they can give a possible explanation of how it is that Jesus relates to the Father in prayer even though he just is the Father.

I honestly don’t know if this happens often, but I’m going to blog through each of the sections of the paper to clarify some of the points and arguments that I make. When you’ve got to keep your word count down, you don’t always get say everything you want to. (The paper comes to almost 13,000 words as it is. Phew!) And there are also times where condensing what you have to say leaves things somewhat ambiguous. I’ve already discovered a couple of things that I want to clarify. If I receive any feedback on the article, I might also respond in future posts.

There’s also a little bit of backstory about how the idea for the paper came about. I’ll share more about this coming up, but here’s one detail I’ll share now: I attended the Los Angeles Theology Conference in January of 2018, and Steven Nemes encouraged me to try to get published as a Master’s student. After the conference I ran into a number of papers on TheoLogica that were written by other participants in Fuller’s Analytic Theology Project. One click later I saw the call for papers on “the Son of God.” That’s when it all came together.

Really, it helps to receive encouragement from friends and family about your endeavors, and to decide to just go big. Thankfully it paid off for me (this time).

One of my abstracts for a conference presentation was also accepted recently, so I’ll be presenting on “Parsing Oneness Pentecostal Christology” at the Society for Pentecostal Studies in March. It won’t be the most glamorous trip. I’ll have to sleep on the plane, land at 6:30am, start attending the conference at 8:30am, and present in the afternoon. And it’s my first presentation. No pressure. It should be interesting, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, these recent developments have allowed me to start my CV. Apart from all this, I’m really looking forward to this year.

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