Hello, World!

Today I launch my personal website and blog devoted to sharing my research and my ideas on various topics that I am interested in.

The idea for this website stems mostly from the fact that I tend, at times, to get verbose about ideas on social media. In particular, I’ve found that there’s an amicable and lively theological sub-group on Twitter that’s ready and willing to interact with others. Because of this, I’ve had the privilege to discuss deep theological and philosophical ideas with laypeople and academics alike. I hope to open up more opportunities for those kinds of interactions here.

As I transition from being a layperson to an academic myself, it’s also a good time for me to “get my name out there.” So this website will meet that need as well.

My plan is to mainly discuss ideas in theology and philosophy that I find interesting. I hope to make these ideas accessible to as wide a readership as possible. Hopefully my posts will only be as complicated as their contents require.

From time to time I’ll also write posts as a way for me to “think out loud.” I hope that these posts will allow me to interact with lay readers and with scholars so that I (and we) can develop those ideas (if they are worth developing!). After all, part of developing ideas is getting them down “on paper.”

I also hope to give some practical advice that I’ve gathered and sort of quilted together over the years. Some tentative topics here include writing, doing research, and dealing with the loss of loved ones. Really, I hope this website will reflect my thought life and will be of benefit to others in a variety of ways.

In the coming weeks I’ll discuss my mission to promote love, learning, and living for Christ. After that, I’ll write in characteristic blogger fashion: as the inspiration strikes me.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions about posts that I can do in the future.




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